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Sunday School & Childcare

Children are Welcome and encouraged to stay in worship, our Nursery is available throughout the worship service time if needed.Sunday School takes place immediately following the Children’s Moment, early in the Worship Service allowing approximately 45 minutes for Sunday School. Classes are held in the Christian Education wing off the West entrance. Youth Classes are in the basement of the church.  


Clothes Closet Hours -


         9:30am - 12:30pm & 5:00pm - 8:00pm  


Church Office Hours -  

Monday - Thursday 9am- 2pm

VUMC Office Phone 585-924-2621


Pastor Calls  -  If you know of someone in need of a prayer call or has been admitted to a hospital, please contact the office or Pastor Ben as soon as possible by text or personal cell 518-779-5991.  Feel free to call the pastor's cell when things are urgent so Pastor Ben can attend to the need. 


Administrative Offices are located at the top of the stairs over Wesley Hall.  Feel free to call to make an appointment. You may request more accessible location to meet as well.  If you have an urgent need, do not hesitate to contact Pastor Ben by text or call his personal cell phone. 



The church choir has begun rehearsing again on Sundays from 9 - 9:45am If you like to sing, if you think you can sing along with others on a part, please consider coming to a rehearsal.An attempt is made to sing well written music that takes minimal time to prepare.Give it a try! Contact Rich Baehr if you have questions/concerns. Ph: 585-991-8204 or e mail me at: rkbaehr@aol.com

Message from Pastor Ben

Sisters and Brothers,


I pray this email finds you all well. Many of you may know that in this last week there was a gathering of global United Methodists at General Conference. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the United Methodist practices and polity I wanted to share some brief basics.

The United Methodist Church’s structure, doctrine, and practices can be found in the Book of Discipline. The Book of Discipline has been in use since our founder John Wesley and others gathered at the first Conference wanted to be methodical in their practice of faith. From then on every four years the Book of Discipline is changed at the global General Conferences to fit the context of the age so that the people called Methodist could continue to strive toward sanctification.

At General Conference 2016 in Portland Oregon there were discussions regarding human sexuality and what the Book of Discipline and Scripture says about it. There were many disagreements so there was a unique call for the Bishops to organize special conversations with the local and global churches to discuss how we could move forward as a denomination. This would be later called The Commission on A Way Forward. This diverse group was given the task to come up with a plan that could assist the church moving forward together as a denomination by the time a special General Conference that was called to only discuss this issue in 2019.

Fast forwarding to this last week, the General Conference voted and passed the Modified Traditionalist Plan by a vote of 53% for and 47% against. The margin of votes was very close, showing that the church is still divided in its stance regarding human sexuality. To be very clear that Modified Traditionalist Plan reaffirms what was currently in the Book of Discipline that “self-avowed and practicing homosexuals” cannot be ordained or married within the United Methodist church. There is no policy or polity within that church that states that we are to remove people from the church. We still welcome all people within the church.

With that being said, I want to affirm for our folks that what we say in our Book in Discipline and how that makes people feel can be two very different things. There are many hurting and frustrated people. It is important for me to share that there is still work being done. Another part of the body of the United Methodist Church is our Judicial Council which decides if new legislation that is passed is constitutional (our United Methodist constitution not the United States) or not. This Council has not yet made their ruling yet. It is also important for me to share that in 2020 there is another General Conference in which there will be more discussions regarding the Book of Discipline.

Beloved, may you hear that there is much work in front of us. We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ. This calling is difficult at best but now in the midst of our frustrations from either side of the fence or in our sadness we find the calling to be even more difficult. I continue to invite you to help us at VUMC to discern God’s vision for our church. We will be meeting as a congregation this upcoming Sunday March 10th to talk in detail what happened and what is next follow General Conference 2019.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue to use this email chain for the prayers of our hearts. We have a wonderfully large connection with folks in and outside of our community. We continue to pray for those concerns that are brought through this email chain. I would like to encourage you to please send your prayers to sister Lisa who ensures that everyone receives the request. Her email is wlbrotsh@aol.com. If you would like to chat about General Conference or about anything please know I would love to chat with you. I invite you to email me atpastorbenlalka@gmail.com or call me at 518-779-5991 to set up an appointment so we can talk.

Lastly, as we enter the Lenten season, we are called to remember the weight and pain of the Cross. We remember what it meant for Emmanuel to suffer and die for us. Join with me in remembering the pain of the Cross as we journey together. Remember alongside me that even in the suffering of the Lenten season that Easter is coming.

Never forget who and whose you are!

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Benjamin Lalka

Church Email

The church office email has changed to:  umcvictorny@gmail.com  



NIMS is asking for volunteer drivers at this time.  If you have an afternoon or day that you might be able to drive a Victor resident to the doctor, dentist, or hairdo, NIMS needs your help!!  Please see Nancy Kidd or contact the office 924-2621 to get a message to Nancy.

   September 2019   
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Clothes Closet
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
The Victor United Methodist Church has a Clothes Closet to shop for free clothing, etc. (In conjunction with the Victor/Farmington Food Cupboard).
Bible Study
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10am Bring your bible and meet Pastor Ben in the lounge. Coffee is on!
Clothes Closet
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
The Victor United Methodist Church has a Clothes Closet to shop for free clothing, etc. (In conjunction with the Victor/Farmington Food Cupboard).


Worship 10am
*Communion Served the first Sunday of every month
Bible Study
9:00 AM
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