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The Sacrament of Christian Baptism


What Do United Methodists Believe?

In the United Methodist Church tradition we believe that the baptismal covenant is God's word to us, proclaiming our adoption by grace, and our word to God, promising our response of faith and love. Baptism initiates us into Christ's whole church, and not just into the United Methodist denomination.The United Methodist Church baptizes people of all ages by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. Infants, children, and others who have not reached the developmental stage of making decisions for themselves are presented by parents and/or sponsors who proclaim their faith and promise to nurture the baptized so that they will come to accept God's grace for themselves, profess their faith openly, and lead a Christian life.This role is an honor and a serious responsibility for the parents, sponsors, and the entire community of faith. 

Baptismal candidates who take the vow for themselves affirm that God has taken the initiative and is already at work in their lives. They also make a commitment to accept God's grace for themselves, profess their faith openly, and promise to lead Christian lives.



How Can I Schedule A Baptism at Victor UMC?

We welcome people of all ages for baptism at Victor UMC. For more information regarding baptism, and/or to schedule a baptism, please call the church office at 585.924.2621  or e-mail the church at VictorUMC@frontiernet.net .

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